Revealed: How Classical Music For Cats Helps Them Relax

Question is, is classical music for cats hitting the right notes?

classical music for cats

When you’ve had a long, hard day at work, it’s only natural that you’d need to unwind somehow. While some of us like a hot cup of tea the moment we get in, others use a less-tangible thing to calm our nerves; classical music! Yep, putting on your favorite track is certain to help you relax and forget the many troubles of the day. But what about cat? Will classical music for cats help them to switch off?

You may think that we’re the only species to use this medium, but you’re wrong. You see, we might have more in common with cats than we ever thought before. A relatively recent study has suggested that when cats listen to a particular style of music, they start to chill out just as we do. It might sound a little far-fetched but classical music for cats, does, have calming effects and here’s the science to back up that:

Purr! Put that record on!

According to research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, music can help kitties relax when they are about to undergo surgery. What’s more, not just any old music can do. It would seem that the feline species have rather high-class taste when it comes to the tunes they like as they prefer classical music above all else.

So, how did the scientists find this all out? Well, clinicians monitored 12 different female cats who were undergoing surgery. Each kitty listened to two minutes of utter silence, followed by two minutes of a classical, pop, or heavy metal track. The cats that listened to the classical music were by far the calmest of the entire group. (Unsurprisingly, those that were exposed to pop music had neutral results and those who listened to heavy metal appeared the most stressed. Duh!)

So, what does this all mean?

Well, the takeaway message here is that cats may like music just as much as we do. For a long time, people have been under the impression that music has no impact on animals, but now that seems seriously unlikely. This study shows that our little feline friends are more perceptive than we ever imagined. What’s more, they actually enjoy music in the same way that human beings do.

Of course, us cat lovers want the very best for our pets. All too often, cats can suffer from stress, loneliness, and even anxiety. This happens when the cat feels threatened or is left alone for a long period of time; neither of which are advisable. If your kitty happens to suffer from any of the above, putting on some Bach can’t hurt. In fact, it might just help your pet to calm down a tad, which can only be a good thing.

The best classical music for cats

Sadly, the study did not delve so far as to find out which particular artists cats like the most. So, for the meantime, we will have to guess which composers are their absolute faves. Still, if you’re completely new to classical music, you might want to start with something well-known like Chopin or Handel. It’s worth taking a look around online until you find some tunes that both you and your kitty will adore. Good luck!